Pet Wellness Plans

In the past 7 years, Wellness Plans have become a popular way to access veterinary services for your pet. They are a great way to budget for veterinary care that you know your pet will need and access the savings that come with bundled services.

Our Wellness Plans

There are 5 different plans for both dogs and cats, starting from puppy and kitten plans, extending into adult plans that come with or without full dental assessment and cleaning under anaesthesia, and into senior plans with more comprehensive diagnostics and the choice to include dental care. Your pet can move through the different levels of programs as it ages.

Wellness Exam

Simplify Your Pet’s Health

We make it simple to keep up-to-date with your pet’s health by tracking the items used on your plan each year and sending reminders for when services or renewals are due.

Wellness Plans offered by Romeo Pet hospital are catered to healthy pets. These plans are not to be considered a substitution for pet insurance, which is still beneficial to help pay for injuries and illnesses your pet may experience. To eliminate the barriers to timely pet care, complimentary examinations are included with your plan in sickness or injury. Please note that the Wellness Plan does not cover the cost of diagnostic tests or medications.

Last but not least, your Wellness Plan entitles you to discounts on any pet food or retail items carried by the clinic.

For more information on current plan pricing, please contact our veterinary clinic by phone or email.

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