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Our Team

Our dedicated staff members include:



Dr. Gillies started her veterinary career in Mount Forest after graduating from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2001.  Before veterinary school, Dr. Gillies studied physiology and pharmacology, specifically the effects of ACE inhibitors on hypertension, during her undergraduate and Master's of Science degrees at McMaster University.  After a brief stint working in Kitchener, Dr. Gillies finally settled in Stratford at Romeo Pet Hospital, in 2004.  Dr. Sealey invited her to become a partner in 2006, and they worked together for 10 years to create a clinic environment that excels in service and communication to best fulfil the needs of their clients and patients.   As of January 2016, Dr. Gillies has taken on sole ownership of Romeo Pet Hospital and is excited about new initiatives such as introducing Laser Therapy, expanding our mobile practice, introducing our online Vetstore, and will be making Acupuncture and Physiotherapy services available in the coming months.  Dr. Gillies lives in just outside Stratford with her husband and 2 children, and their new pets, Marie the rescue Papillon, Boone the adopted senior Doberman Pinscher, cats Abby, Marvin, and Oliver, rats Ellie and Lulu, mini pigs Penny and Walter, and their chicken and ducks.
Dr. Leslie Hodge started practicing veterinary medicine with the Romeo Pet Hospital team after her graduation from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2006.  Prior to veterinary school in Guelph, Dr. Hodge completed her undergraduate and Masters of Science degrees, focusing on the physiology and genetics of osteoarthritis, at the University of Western Ontario.   Originally from North Bay, Dr. Hodge settled in the Stratford area with her farming husband and 3 young children.  Her furry companions her rescue dogs Polaris and Pup-Pup.  The family farm is also home to pigs and cows.   Dr. Hodge shares her love of the human-animal bond with our clients and is thankful to be part of such an amazing veterinary team.    In her spare time, Dr. Hodge loves to travel with her family, and fosters animals for the Stratford shelter.  Dr. Hodge also practiced as an emergency medicine veterinarian at the London Regional Veterinary Emergency Clinic in her earlier years of practice.  
Dr. Emily Wagler's interest in veterinary medicine was fostered through a high school co-op program in Southampton and she hasn't looked back since! Dr. Wagler is excited to join alongside the Romeo team in offering excellent medical and surgical care along with compassionate, dedicated client and patient service. After graduating from Guelph's Veterinary College in 2005 she has enjoyed caring for companion animals in a number of clinics across Southwestern Ontario including the London Regional Veterinary Emergency clinic. Recently, she enjoyed going back to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital as a Communications Coach for the 2nd year veterinary students. Dr. Wagler lives in the Stratford area with her husband and three boys, along with their beloved Cavalier Spaniels- Winnie and Paprika, 4 cats (Skittles, Peanut, Junior and Blacky), a few laying chickens and a number of dairy cattle to complete the farm.
DR. LEEANN SEALEY (clinic founder)
Dr. Sealey opened the doors to Romeo Pet Hospital in 1997 at its original location on Romeo St in Stratford.  Dr. Sealey brought Dr. Gillies in as a partner in 2006.  In 2016, Dr. Sealey sold the practice to Dr. Gillies.  We are so happy to have Dr. Sealey back to cover Dr. Wagler's maternity leave for the next year.

Registered Veterinary Technicians

Nicole is a Registered Veterinary Technician at Romeo Pet Hospital. She graduated from Northern College in 2004 and has loved working with animals since. She enjoys training her newest rescue dog, Clarence, who brings to the table many behavioural challenges. Nicole also lives with her 4 cats Harvey and Lucile, her 3-legged cat Juan, and her latest  project/rescue Chachi, oh, and also her husband :)  Nicole’s interests outside of her love for animals include keeping active and healthy through aerial silks, and yoga.  She has recently started teaching a partner yoga class in Stratford which has been challenging but a lot of fun.
Stacey joined Romeo Pet Hospital in 2013.  She completed her schooling to become a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2005 at St. Clair college in Windsor.  She is originally from Stratford but moved to Kitchener where she worked as a RVT for 8 years.  She is very passionate about every aspect of her job but her favorites roles include assisting in dentistries and monitoring anesthesia during other surgeries.  Stacey is married and has 2 children,  Ethan and Brinley.  She has 2 cats, Lyla and Lola, and recently became pet parent to a beautiful Golden Retriever puppy  named Rylee.  She now lives in Baden and in her spare time if she isn't camping, you can always find her and her family outside going for walks, bikes rides or many trips to the park.

Veterinary Assistant


We are thrilled to welcome Shari back after her 11 year absence from Romeo Pet Hospital to raise her 3 children.  Shari started at Romeo Pet Hospital as Veterinary Assistant to Dr. Sealey in 1997 and still remembers so many of our clients from her original time here.  Shari has always lived in Stratford and shares her home with her dog Toklo, her bunny BunBun, and 2 lizards.  In her spare time she likes to walk the dog and chauffeur her children around town as she is also a hockey mom, baseball mom and soccer mom.


Veterinary Medical Office Assistants

Krystal started at Romeo Pet Hospital in March of 2005 after completing her Veterinary Medical Office Administration certificate at University of Guelph- Ridgetown Campus. After spending a year and 8 months with us she moved to Alberta to gain life experience where she worked as a pen rider caring for cattle in a feedlot. After a year she returned to Romeo Pet Hospital as our Receptionist. Krystal has recently changed positions at the clinic: you will now find her assisting our doctors and RVTs. She is passionate about the health and wellbeing of all pets and their relationship with their people. She strives to help our clients with weight management , nutritional advice, and behaviour concerns.
Krystal lives with her husband, their sons Blane and Jordon, their dog Dallas, and their cat Gretchen.  Krystal spends many hours caring for her 4 horses  Fever, Keeta, Diesel and Zeek.
Lisa is the friendly face at the front desk who has been with Romeo Pet Hospital since she completed her Veterinarian Medical Office Administration program at Ridgetown Campus in 2008.  She is instrumental in organizing and managing Romeo Pet Hospitals extensive Wellness Plan program.  Lisa was married in July 2013 and lives here in Stratford with her husband, her cat Martha May, and 2 dogs,  Lola, and Norman Nathaniel.
Ashton has been apart of the Romeo Pet Hospital team since August 2012 after graduating from the Veterinary Medical Office Administration in 2011. Ashton has always known that she would like to work with animals and people. Ashton lives in Tavistock, with her maltese mix dog Fergus and her newly rescued ShihTzu Lester.

Student Assistants

Dr. Gillies' children can now be found helping around the clinic after school and on weekends.  They get their love of animals from both parents and love to learn more about what happens when Mom is at work.
Alyssa started as a high school cooperative education student, and works for us still when she is home from her current studies at Dalhousie University.  Alyssa is very interested in veterinary medicine and loves the environment at Romeo Pet Hospital. Her favourite part of the job is assisting with surgeries.  She enjoys lending a heart and a hand to the animals from the humane society. She hopes that one day she will become a veterinarian, just like the ones at Romeo Pet Hospital. 

Retired Quality Control Officer (Clinic Cat)

Pumpkin joined the Romeo Pet Hospital team in 2009.  She was an adorable, tiny kitten, that had come to us from the shelter to be spayed.  She caught Dr. Sealey’s eye because of her resemblance to one of Dr. Sealey’s previous pet cats.  Not being able to have cats of her own at home, Dr. Sealey suggested that maybe it was time for us to have a pet again.  Needless to say, Pumpkin never made the return trip back to the shelter, and she entertained us and our clients for 6 years, before retiring to her new home at Anne Hathaway Retirement Residences.  We miss her but know that her considerable love and charm is much appreciated at her new home.