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Clinic News

Ownership Change! 

Dr. Gillies is thrilled to welcome Dr. Hodge as her new partner in running Romeo Pet Hospital.  Dr. Hodge has been working as an associate at Romeo for almost 13 years now, so she is more than ready for the challenge!

Titre Testing Now Available

If your dog is unable to be vaccinated due to illness, age, or previous reactions, please talk to us about the new $49 titre test that is available at Romeo Pet Hospital to test your dog's immunity to Distemper, Parvovirus and Hepatitis.

Changes to Emergency Coverage

Please see our Emergency Care page to learn the details of the new after hours arrangements.

Laser Therapy and More!

We have been thrilled with the results we have been seeing with our Laser Therapy unit over the past year.  If you would like to know more about Laser Therapy, or would like to know more about treatment options such as Acupuncture, Animal Rehabilitation Therapy or Palliative Care, please call or email the clinic.

House Calls!

For your convenience we are now available for house call appointments.  Please call us at 519-272-2100 to set up a house call visit for us to come and examine and or vaccinate your pets.

Online Shopping is Here!

Ask us about our new webstore (www.myvetstore.ca/romeo) where we have over 2000 items available to purchase, including multiple brands of pet food, treats, toys, grooming supplies etc.  Home delivery or clinic pick up available.

Dental Radiology

We are thrilled to be adding Dental Radiology to our Dental Prophy and Examination Packages!  Dental Radiology allows us to see what's going on under your pet's gumline so we can precisely measure the amount of disease and therefore make more informed decisions about whether or not a tooth requires extraction.

Wellness Plans!

Offering Wellness Plans that bundle multiple recommended veterinary services allows us to provide for the care of your pet in a way that is affordable, and with payments that are convenient to you. Most of the plans offer at least $100 in savings to you over the year of the wellness plan agreement.

Wellness Plans have been very successful over the past 4 years so we will be continuing with new plans in 2018.  If you would like to sign up for a plan, please call for details.