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Healthy Adult Plans

Healthy Adult Wellness Plans

These plans are designed to help keep your adult dog healthy by maximizing preventative health care, and by allowing you to come in for complimentary exams when needed for early intervention when heatlh problems arise.

Features of the plans:

Regular Wellness Exams (every 6 months) to keep a close eye on things that can change quickly, including but no limited to:

  • Dental Health: looking for tartar, gingivitis, broken teeth, painful gums, etc
  • Optimum Body Condition: maintaining a healthy body weight allows pets to live longer with less disease
  • Ear and Eye Health
  • Heart and Lung Health
  • Joint and Muscoloskeletal Health
  • Nutrition Discussions
  • Skin Health: looking for lumps, bumps, coat condition

Wellness Bloodwork (yearly)

  • Regular bloodwork during the healthy years allows us to create a 'normal range' that is personalized to your pet.  This allows us to identify early disease much easier!
  • Lyme disease is becoming a much more common diagnosis, and best treated early.  Yearly testing is recommended as this disease is difficult to prevent.  * Dogs only
  • Heartworm disease is also becoming more prevalent with the constant influx of dogs from the US where Heartworm is endemic.   Yearly testing is especially important for dogs that travel, and for dogs with forgetful owners!  *Dogs only

Fecal Examinations (yearly)

  • It is our duty as pet owners to prevent the spread of zoonotic parasites that can adversely affect our children.  Yearly testing ensures that our parasite control program is working.


  • Each pet is independently assessed for vaccination recommendations.  We love that pets on Wellness Plans can easily split their vaccines between 2 yearly appointments instead of doing several at one time.

Dental Examination, Cleaning, and Radiographs (under anaesthesia) *Premium Plans Only

  • Dental disease is the most common disease found in dogs and cats
  • Regular, professional cleaning (under anaesthesia) is the best way to prevent dental disease
  • Dental Radiographs are the only way to identify the full extent of dental disease